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The experts who write for Youth-Strength.com come from a variety of backgrounds and are employed in many different areas.  Their wealth of unique education, knowledge, and on the ground experience means you’re getting well researched advice and tried and true guidelines.  Our writers are not engaged in fitness training as a hobby, these are people who have dedicated their lives to this pursuit and are paid writers for Youth-Strength.

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Brandon Roberts

Education: I hold a PhD in Muscle biology and a Master’s in Human Performance.

Career: I’ve been working at the University of Florida for the past 5 years as both a scientist and trainer. I focus on an evidence-based approach to coaching.

Certifications: I hold certificates in Strength & Conditioning (CSCS), Olympic Weightlifting (USAWL1), and Behavioral Change.

Kimber Rozier

Kimber is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and Precision Nutrition nutritionist who holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise and Sport Science and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

She spends her time traveling the world as an international rugby player for the USA and her career in 7s and 15s has taken her to places such as Hong Kong, Paris, London, and Dubai. She earned a bronze medal in the 7s World Cup in Moscow and played fly half for the squad throughout 15s 2014 Rugby World Cup in Paris.

Kimber has recently played overseas in Ireland, led the inaugural Olympic Development Academy, Scion Rugby (Washington, D.C.), to a national championship, and now competes in the women’s rugby premiership in England with the Harlequins Ladies.

When not competing as a world-class athlete, Kimber contributes her skills to a variety of teams, blogs, and e-books as an expert content author and consultant.

Emily Celner

Emily Celner received a B.S. in Athletic Training from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She continued her education obtaining her M.S. in Sport and Recreation Management from North Dakota State University while serving as the head athletic trainer for the Division I women’s softball team.

Emily currently runs the MLS laser therapy and DME programs at a pain clinic in Portland, Oregon. A strong advocate of injury prevention, she teaches and guides her patients with simple home programs to increase mobility, decrease pain and increase function. While she has spent a handful of years working the sidelines of high school and college sporting events, she finds her true passions for helping people in the clinical and industrial setting.

Her most recent continuing education interest have involved concussion prevention/management and mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the spine and extremities.

When she’s not in clinic or on the sidelines, you can find her shredding up the trails of the Pacific Northwest either on her mountain bike or snowboard.





Shannon McDougall

As a coach for over 20 years my biggest pet peeve was the amount of information that was presented as good information and the number of times I heard the term “new way”. Really?? There is only one way and that is science.

Bio-mechanics and sports science need to be the foundation in order to obtain the most efficient and productive sport movements and skill acquisition. Through my studies in sports science, coaching methods, mental training and periodization, I have developed a sort of purist disposition where I believe very strongly in the scientific research done in sport and the adherence to human growth and development models and their relation to sport.

I have fought continuously to maintain my athlete first outlook with numerous run ins with parents, associations and other coaches. I truly believe that athletes want to improve and do not need to be pressured or intimidated into a more productive outcome. I will not change this point of view as nothing I do depends on it. I rely on good information in my facilitating, coaching and knowledge sharing and feel good about the sound principles that I believe in. And I do not apologize for that 🙂


  • Advanced Coaching Diploma (National Coaching Institute)
  • Coaching Diploma (Douglas College)
  • Sports Science Associate Degree (Douglas College)
  • Level 3 NCCP Softball Coach (Canada)
  • Tudor Bompa Institute Certified Periodization – Strength and Conditioning Expert (P-SCE)
  • Periodization – Planning Specialist (P-PS)
  • Junior Athlete Specialist (JATS)
  • Periodization – Personal Training Specialist (P-PTS)


Softball, I know some will disagree, is one of the most complex sports that require mental and physical abilities that will match any other. In my over 20 years of coaching softball I have seen children and adults improve their skills to where they did not think they could. I have coached teams to exceed their potential and surprise our opposition during the big tournaments.

What I am most proud of as a coach is that any team I coached was always praised for being a much better team at the end of the season than at the beginning. We worked with a plan and focused on the process which allowed the players to excel comfortably and to feel confident that they would always be encouraged regardless of the outcome of the play.

I believe in balance which meant that we never played in tournaments back to back and the schedule was successfully developed around the league schedule and the players family and school activities. I enjoyed the successes and learned from all failures during my coaching career and thank all those that contributed to my knowledge in sport and the great game of softball. 


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