Youth Strength Training – 5 Benefits

Youth Strength Training

By Wade Perkins

It is well accepted in the fitness community that strength training is a very important piece of overall health.  The benefits of strength training include better mobility, increased metabolism, many improved health markers and elevated levels of athleticism to name a few.

Strength training has a place in almost every sport and every walk of life. Personal trainers worldwide are lining up to show their clients the weights.  Every walk of life that is, except the youth.

While it is certainly a well-documented consensus that strength training is good for adults, the school of thought regarding youth strength training isn’t nearly as clear.  Doctors and researchers from the sports fields to the classrooms of academia warn of the pitfalls associated with beginning resistance training at too young an age.

While many of these concerns are well founded and rooted in sound science, we at believe far more can be done to advance the conversation.

Strength Training Is For Everybody

While the benefits of strength training can fill quite a long list,  youth strength training can add a few unique positives.  Here are a few benefits of youth strength training:

  1.  Learn healthy habits.  We all know that kids have a lot of choices these days in what they do after school and who they hang out with.   Getting in the gym can be an awesome lifestyle choice that can last a lifetime.
  2. Learn to use their bodies.  Kids are often trying new things and learning new sports.  Much of what goes on between the lines is skills based, and skills are hard to learn if motor coordination and body awareness are low.  Resistance training can teach young athletes about their bodies, and accelerate their development in their new ventures.
  3. Reduce risk of injury. All activity, whether it’s an organized game of soccer or a pickup basketball game at the park, carries with it a risk of injury.  Strong kids will greatly reduce this risk, and have been shown through research to be far less likely than lesser trained peers to be hurt.
  4.  Learn the right technique early.  With the consensus being so convincing that strength training is good for adults, the need to teach young people the correct techniques in the weight room has never been more crucial.  Improper lifts and a lack of knowledge in resistance training can actually increase the risk of injury, so training youth early in the proper ways to use equipment and lift weights can be very smart.
  5. Gain confidence.  Working out is a great boost to anybody’s mood and a young person may benefit more than anybody.  Self-esteem and identity are two things that youth grapple with constantly in their formative years.  Being stronger and more physically fit is a great tool for them to have to make their lives much more positive.

Smart Youth Strength Training Is Required

There are many more benefits to youth strength training than what are outlined above, and this blog will go into great detail on all of those and more.  That is not to say however that it’s all without risk.

There are real concerns related to young people embarking on resistance training.  These concerns should not be ignored.  That is why it is required to train youth in a very educated and deliberate way.  This blog is your go-to source for the tried and true (and safe) methods for doing just that.  Do not trust just anyone to the health of any youngster, be sure that their programs are based in real science.

While it isn’t necessarily wise to put youth on the same plan being used for adults, it is equally shortsighted to avoid training young people’s strength out of fear.  There are many fantastic benefits to youth strength training, keep reading here at to learn the best ways to do it!


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